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Yet Another Big Name Hire for Philly…Conspiracy? I Think So

First it was Jauron, now it’s Cleveland Brown’s ex-GM Phil Savage.

Savage, as you no doubt know by now, was hired as a Player Personnel Consultant. Continue reading

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Dick Jauron is Here, And He May Just Add the Spice This Eagles Defense Needs

Dick Jauron has been in the NFL since 1973. To put it lightly, he’s no rookie to the game. In fact, as far as veterans go, this guy pretty much defines the word.

But being in the game for a long time doesn’t exactly mean you are good at what you do. It might just mean you were in the right place at the right time. Continue reading


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DeSean Jackson and the Pro Bowl

Giving Jackson an extension was the topic of a few emails, so here are my thoughts on that. Continue reading

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Who on Earth is Howie Roseman?

“Who on Earth?”

Is exactly what I thought to myself when first learning the news that some guy that looks like he is 16 would be the GM of the Eagles.

This article is for those of you that sent me emails over the last few days simply asking, “Who is Howie Roseman?’ Continue reading

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The Eagles’ 2010 Opponents Announced, Is 11-12 Wins Probable?

So, thanks to, a list of all the opponents for each team, and where the games will be played, have been posted. The dates are TBA, but so far it looks like with an upgrade to the defense, the Eagles could get 10-12 wins.

The list,  and some very iffy predictions, are below: Continue reading

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Which Eagle From the Past Decade Deserves Their Number to be Retired?

With the passing of Tom Brookshier, the great DB and play-by-play analyst, the Eagles retired his number 40 and with good cause. He was one of the best analysts and players in the league for a long time.

Brookshier is the 7th Eagle to have his number retired, and this got me thinking…Which Eagle from the past decade deserves their number to be retired? Continue reading


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