What We Learned This Week, The Philadelphia Eagles’ Biggest Threats in the Playoffs, and Trent Cole

We learned a lot this week about who is really on top of the NFL.

The “giants” of the league, once known as the New Orleans Saints, the Minnesota Vikings, and the Indianapolis Colts all suffered losses to lesser teams. Yes, the Colts were playing the number one defense in the league, and yes, they also sat their starters for the second half.

A quick thought; If the Colts played Manning and the rest of the offense in the second half instead of the first, I think an epic comeback would have been had. Just my opinion.

But that’s the AFC, I don’t care about them until February.

The Saints were beaten by two plays, that punt return   big run by Cadillac Williams. Of course, they were ultimately beaten by the field goal in OT…so overall it was three plays.And then the missed field goal as well, which I guess makes it four. Did anyone else think that the pick by Darren Sharper with just under 5:00 remaining in the 1st was a lateral from Jonathon Vilma? Probably just me….

The Vikings were the last team to show how vulnerable they actually are. The Bears put the smack on Minnesota in the 1st quarter, then I guess Brett Favre rallied his team at halftime, we all know Brad Childress is just there as Brett’s punching bag, but hey. Anyways, it really wouldn’t have mattered who the QB was because Jay Cutler was bound to choke eventually, he did so when he coughed up his 26th pick of the season.

So that was this week in “elite” football.

Hopefully those of you who emailed me saying, “there is no way the Eagles will make the Super Bowl, what are you smoking?” now understand what I was on about. The teams that are considered the best of the best in the NFL have lost to teams that were considered the worst of the worst.

The Eagles, in my opinion, only have 2 problems that may cross them. Well, one will definitely cross them next week.

Yes, the Cowboys. As much as I hate to say this, the Eagles’ worst enemy is their best contender. They have it all and Tony Romo is playing like Roethlisberger in the clutch, except Romo has been doing it all December. He has a vast array of fairly good receivers, none of them really stand out except Miles Austin.

Their defense is good enough to confuse, baffle, and sack Drew Brees, you know, back in the day when Drew Brees was the un-confusable, un-baffleable, and un-sackable superstar of the league. The defense really does contain well, and the corners that I saw as average and lackluster early in the season are actually making plays.

The Cowboys’ offense is clicking and they have such a potent running game it is amazing they don’t use it more often.  The passing game is deep with players like Kevin Ogletree stepping up when it is their time, and once again, Tony Romo is throwing strikes all over the field.

The other team that will be a worry for Philly going into the playoffs is Green Bay. Aaron Rodgers is playing like every expected he would when he finally got a reasonable offensive line. The defense was a joke against Pittsburgh, but they really are good. They have a top 5 cornerback and Aaron Kampman is terrifying when he is coming after the QB.

These are the two teams that Philly will have the most trouble beating. The Eagles offense will have to step up, but with these teams in the playoffs and the Eagles becoming deflated in the 3rd quarter in the past few games the key to Miami rests with special teams.

DeSean Jackson will need to rack up the punt return yards, and I can only hope Macho Harris is not returning kicks. Maybe Trent Cole can add another one of those crazy-athletic field goal blocks. You know, like the one where he jumped over the lineman and blocked John Carney’s kick? No doubt it will be on YouTube, they have everything.

Happy New Year, I hope you aren’t back at work quite yet.

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Soon enough that photo will be true, except the roman numerals will be different…SOON ENOUGH


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3 responses to “What We Learned This Week, The Philadelphia Eagles’ Biggest Threats in the Playoffs, and Trent Cole

  1. Caleb Eakins

    Hey man this article was a great read. And Dallas and GB are definately the two teams the eagles do not want to play.

  2. octavio

    yes i agree complitatly but the eagles could win theses games they have an assome offense with D.jackson B.Celek B.westbrook J.maclin L.weaver D.mcnabb there anmazing and now M.vick is starting to get retham back we could do great stuff.like yuh said in the article we jus need to get more yards in those punt returns and make the first downs on 3rd.!

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