The One Thing That Needs To Be Done Offensively Saturday To Beat The Cowboys

This article ends the two part preview for the Philadelphia Eagles game plan for Wild Card weekend.

Part two, as you know, is the offensive preview for Philly. Last week I didn’t see much offense put up by McNabb and his crew, so hopefully this week they can turn around and punish the Cowboy defense.

Just a reminder, as I am an Eagle fan some of my articles can show some bias, but I have decided to show zero bias in this article, there will also be answers to a few of your questions at the end of the article.

And with that here is the preview:

So as some of you may have heard, Dallas has had a few of their stars sit out of practice due to injuries, of these players DeMarcus Ware is the only one on the defensive side of the ball.

But him sitting out of practice doesn’t necessarily mean he will be out during the game.

And that brings me to my first point, and the only point: the offensive line.

The O-Line let quite a bit of pressure slip through against the Cowboys last week, as well as letting through Denver’s pass rushers the week before. This is troubling for the Eagles offense, because the pressure that was getting through the line was three and four man rushes.

This means that screen plays and draw plays that would usually counter a blitz will be much less effective, and letting a four man rush get to the QB is a sure fire way to lose.

If the Eagles don’t step up the line play, I can’t see them pulling out a win in Dallas. Why? Well it is simple:

This Eagles team is known for its quick scoring offense, and gaining huge chunks of yards in single throws, but with the defense getting to McNabb faster than DeSean Jackson can sprint down-field is going to lead to an incompletion or a sack, and that is what will shake the offense to the core.

Essentially, scoring fast is the offense’s game-plan. And a defense’s job is to disrupt the offense’s game-plan and force them to become one- dimensional. The Eagles offense is already one-dimensional, and so losing grasp on their game-plan is detrimental to their success.

It really is as simple as that, when a team favors passing to running the ball as much as the Eagles do they will be giving the defense an advantage and last week the Cowboys took that advantage and kept the Eagles to scoring a grand total of 0 points.

This game lies fully on the Eagles offensive line and if the Cowboys get pressure like they did last week, you may as well send Philly back to Philly now and save us the shame.

Now for a few more questions, the first one comes from Amadeo M. :

How do you think Gocong’s presence at SAM will effect the D?

Positively, no doubt in my mind. I’m not quite sure wwhat else to say…He has been in the league for 4 years, and he is versatile enough to play both LB and DE, which hopefully means McDermott will call some interesting blitzes with him in mind.

A question from someone who called themselves DBAGS:

Would you trade McNabb this offseason or on Draft day? I would think it would be a good thing. Then we have Kevin Kolb who I think can handle the job. Didn’t he throw for over 350 yards twice this year? It would be great to see him work with young receivers and backs and we have Vick as a backup. What do you think?

Ok, first I have to disagree, McNabb still has a few years left on him and I’m not exactly certain if Vick will be on the team next year. If Vick isn’t on the team next year, then there is no way I would want McNabb off the team. Maybe in one or two years time Kolb will be a fresh start, but until McNabb is gone I say “if it ain’t broke”.

And finally, a question from Kelly:

If Josh Cribbs doesn’t return to the Browns, could the Eagles have a chance at him?

They have a chance, sure, but I don’t think he will come to Philly. Of course, I thought Michael Vick was going to the Bills. The thing is, Cribbs is pretty much DeSean Jackson, and as much as I would love to see him in an Eagles uniform, I don’t think the organization will be willing to pay the amount he would want.

Thanks for the questions, three more will be answered on Monday.

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