Donovan McNabb’s Lack Of Maturity: Is It Really That Bad?

Remember when you were in school?

There was that one teacher, let’s call him Mr. Smith, and whether he taught a class of yours, or you just ran in to him in between classes. This particular teacher was a mean, most of the kids despised this fellow because of his military-like teaching style.

Most kids tried to get out of any area he was lurking about in case he wanted to put them in detention for wearing non-matching socks, or chewing gum.

This guy was trying too hard to be a leader and it backfired on him. He was the butt of everyone’s jokes, but you wouldn’t dare say anything to his face because, really, who wants to spend 7-9 a.m. Saturday morning cleaning chalkboards?

Mr. Smith wasn’t a bad teacher, but he didn’t want to connect with students. Who knows why… Maybe he knew in only a few years these kids would be gone and a new batch of annoying, gum chewing, red-on-the-left-yellow-on-the-right sock wearing twerps would replace them.

And then there was the other guy, let’s say Mr. Joe. Mr. Joe was a nice guy. He was witty and he connected with students. People wanted to be in his class and from time to time would even start a chat with him at lunch time.

Mr. Joe had a weird way of teaching though. He was what Mr. Smith would call “unconventional” and sometimes even let you turn in your homework late.

Mr. Joe was a great guy, and there were no jokes being told behind his back, why would there be? He was a friend to us all.  He tried to connect, because he knew that even if there were only 3 or 4 years before he wouldn’t see you again it didn’t matter. He wanted the trip to be as fun and educational as possible.

You can probably guess where I am going with this.

McNabb is Mr.Joe, a nice guy. He was consistent in getting people to follow him and feed off of his energy. During his years with the Eagles, McNabb has wound a tight connection between him and the rest of the players.

Imagine being a rookie WR like DeSean Jackson was in 2008 and walking into the locker room for the first time. Of course you would be nervous, but now imagine looking over and seeing a bunch of guys laughing and your QB making a joke or two, that would settle you in much better than if you walked in to solemn faces, right?

What is a winning football team other than great teamwork between solid players? It really does start with teamwork, and for any of you who have played on a team where teamwork was the number one thing focused on, you probably have a trophy on a shelf somewhere.

Don’t get me wrong, skill is a big part of it too, but the 2007 Dallas Cowboys were filled with skill, so why didn’t go all the way? They had a QB that was getting it done, WRs that were getting open, a running game that was solid, a good o-line, coaching, everything.

McNabb helped bring this team together. He is a leader and that wacky smile and ridiculous jokes only add to his leadership on the field.

Some people think that leading in this way only leads to that person being disrespected and eventually ignored. Well this obviously isn’t the case with the numerous rallies in November-December-January, NFC Championship games, and that one Super Bowl appearance, it just goes to show winning isn’t foreign to the Eagles.

Peyton Manning’s personality is much like McNabb’s. He is on about every 3rd commercial making some raukus joke, and look at his team. The Colts are as close as any team in any sport.

Sure, I get furious when I see McNabb grinning after throwing an incomplete pass, but I also understand that some things are out of your control. I have no idea of knowing whether that in-completion he was just grinning about was actually out of his control, but I like to think so just to point my mind at ease.

I also honestly believe that this team would not have the accomplished all it has in the last decade without McNabb being who he is.

At one point fans need to realise that McNabb is no ordinary QB, he is a guy who puts on football camps in Arizona during the offseason, he is a guy who plays the air guitar before a huge game in Dallas, and he is a guy that likes to crack a joke.

He is also on a team that likes him, and that likes to win.

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