The Eagles’ 2010 Opponents Announced, Is 11-12 Wins Probable?

So, thanks to, a list of all the opponents for each team, and where the games will be played, have been posted. The dates are TBA, but so far it looks like with an upgrade to the defense, the Eagles could get 10-12 wins.

The list,  and some very iffy predictions, are below:

Opponent Home/Away Win/Lose (Very Rough  Prediction)
Dallas Home Win
Dallas Away Lose
N.Y. Giants Home Win
N.Y. Giants Away Win
Washington Home Win
Washington Away Win
Green Bay Home Lose
Chicago Away Win
Minnesota Home Lose
Detroit Away Win
Houston Home Win
Jacksonville Away Win
Indianapolis Home Lose
Tennessee Away Win
Atlanta Home Win
San Francisco Away Win

TAKE ALL PREDICTIONS WITH A GRAIN OF SALT, please no emails saying “blah blah, how do you know who will win, blah blah, it isn’t even the draft yet…”

I am doing this based on last year’s results for each team, how I think the draft will go, and the rest is just guess work. For all I know Detroit will go undefeated next year and the Colts will have 2 wins on the season.

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One response to “The Eagles’ 2010 Opponents Announced, Is 11-12 Wins Probable?

  1. Kevin

    If the run defense doesn’t improve then the titans might be a loss

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