Which Eagle From the Past Decade Deserves Their Number to be Retired?

With the passing of Tom Brookshier, the great DB and play-by-play analyst, the Eagles retired his number 40 and with good cause. He was one of the best analysts and players in the league for a long time.

Brookshier is the 7th Eagle to have his number retired, and this got me thinking…Which Eagle from the past decade deserves their number to be retired?

McNabb immediately came to mind. Sure, he hasn’t won a Super Bowl, and he probably won’t, but he has plenty of other achievments to make a solid debate with. The arguments for and against 5’s chances are both compelling and viable.

On one hand he did bring the Eagles to their first conference championship game since 1980. Actually he got them there 5 times so far. He has the lowest INT percentage of any QB ever, and he consistently throws for over 3,000 yards per season.

On the other hand, he is 1-4 in championship games, and 0-1 in Super Bowls. He isn’t exactly what you would call “clutch”. Sometimes he seems to be in it purely for the money, and he buries the football into the turf more often than Andy Reid runs the ball.

Personally, if he does get his number retired, I don’t think it will be done in any less than 20 years after McNabb hangs up his helmet for good. I wouldn’t be surprised if he was compared to the Peyton Mannings and Tom Bradys of the league after he quits football.

Brian Dawkins is shoo-in, he has to be.

I can’t believe that anyone would think otherwise. The heart and soul of a defense, probably even more so than Polamalu in Pittsburgh, or Ray Lewis in Baltimore. If Dawkins deserves anything, it is a bust in Canton and 20 retired.

36-West is up in the air as well. As incredible as he was during the last decade, I don’t know if Lurie would want his number retired. That is just my thought, I would like to see his 36 never worn again, but I just don’t see it happening.

So what do you think? Should their numbers be retired? What other players do you think should have their numbers in a frame and never again on the field?

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2 responses to “Which Eagle From the Past Decade Deserves Their Number to be Retired?

  1. Kevin

    Dawkins but no way McNabb. A leader of a team that can’t win super bowl? That’s why Randal Cunningham doesn’t have his number retired

  2. eaglenation

    There really arent that many players that deserve it that have played in the last 10 years

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