Dick Jauron is Here, And He May Just Add the Spice This Eagles Defense Needs

Dick Jauron has been in the NFL since 1973. To put it lightly, he’s no rookie to the game. In fact, as far as veterans go, this guy pretty much defines the word.

But being in the game for a long time doesn’t exactly mean you are good at what you do. It might just mean you were in the right place at the right time.

For a while that is exactly what I, and many other people, thought. As a head coach Jauron has only once pushed over the .500 hill, and that was when he was leading the Bears in 2001 when they finished 13-3 and made a short playoff run. Actually they lost to the Eagles. And Jauron was named COY.

But with QBs like Jim Miller and Kordell Stewart, it is no wonder he got fired after failing to go 8-8 the next two seasons.

The he landed a head coaching job for Detroit after Steve Mariucci got fired. Jauron lasted exactly 5 games before losing his job at the end of that season. His record? 1-4.

Then he made it to the Bills, and skipping to 2009, billboards were going up stating, in so many words, “Jauron needs to be fired.”

He of course did get fired and now is the Eagles secondary coach.

But, through all these rough years, it never fails to baffle me that this guy still has most of his hair.

And, through all these tough years, there may have been doubt in his head coaching skills, but the pure respect players showed him shows that this guy knows how to lead and get players motivated. And when it comes down to it, isn’t that what makes a winning football team?

When Jauron was coaching the Bills, their defense was purely motivated. Even though most of their players were under-sized, under-appreciated, and overly-injured. The defense always seemed to leave it all on the field, and even though they may not have been skilled enough to stop offenses, they never said die.

Maybe, if Jauron brings that same spark to Philly and is able to make Asante want to tackle someone or can help push Sheldon through a hamstring injury (not that he really needs it) maybe this defense can go back to what it once was…The Beast in the East.

With a little help from the draft and some nice grabs in free agency, I don’t see why the Eagles can’t be a number one defense in the NFC.

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2 responses to “Dick Jauron is Here, And He May Just Add the Spice This Eagles Defense Needs

  1. Martin

    I agree, Jauron is a good coach, but you almost make it sound like he’s the new defensive co-ordinator. He’s the secondary coach. The fact remains that if this defense is going to get better, Sean McDermott has to do better. His play-calling, subsitutions and schemes, were baffling at times this season, and it really is going to come down to whether he can do better.

    • Well, I think he will be a good influence on McDermott. Sean is a young guy, and in my opinion, he was promoted a year or two too soon. Yes it was under quite tragic cicumstances, but that is beside the point. The point is: a veteran that is a good, if not great defensive coach, is rarely a bad thing. Not to mention what he Jauron did with the average Bills defense, especially the secondary.

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