Yet Another Big Name Hire for Philly…Conspiracy? I Think So

First it was Jauron, now it’s Cleveland Brown’s ex-GM Phil Savage.

Savage, as you no doubt know by now, was hired as a Player Personnel Consultant.

What we can gather from this is:

a.) Howie & Sean are getting some veteran support to help them in their early front office years.

b.) In case Howie and/or Sean don’t work out, there are some easy-to-choose replacements, so there is no time without a GM or DC.

c.) These guys were brought in to apply a lot of pressure to the Howie & Sean duo, essentially telling them “you are expendable, so you better do well”.

d.) The Eagles are hiring guys that are overqualified for the job and hope to finish with a ring this year… Not that that isn’t top priority every year.

e.) The Eagles know something we don’t about the potential lockout next year and just want to blow all their money this year and go all-or-nothing for a Super Bowl championship.

You can decide which is true for yourself, I’m just saying this has “conspiracy” written all over it.

When you think about it, that fella on the ten dollar bill looks an awful like Lurie. And it seems that Andy Reid has his face on the hundred…

Stay vigilant folks, I might have said too much already.

If I don’t have an article written by the end of next week, you know why.

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One response to “Yet Another Big Name Hire for Philly…Conspiracy? I Think So

  1. Amadeo

    I pick “e” option, at the moment the lockout is sure.

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